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Why are we so afraid of giving up and stopping trying? And why is quitting a bad thing as portrayed in schools, work, books, movies, and homes?

Perhaps it’s because we live in a society of perfection, and giving up is not an option. Maybe it is because we are constantly bombarded with the “never give up messages “on social media and posts that it has become a habit. Or, it is a childhood statement that we learn from our surroundings, parents, and teachers growing up.

Who knows, really? But you know what I have learned through my 40-something years on this earth is that sometimes giving up is necessary to keep going in life. I know; it sounds kind of ironic. But, think of this from the point of a hot air balloon. For it to raise up, extra weight is thrown overboard. So what extra weight is holding us down? Perhaps it is a project that doesn’t excite anymore, a job that doesn’t bring joy, or a relationship without a smile. But, life is tooooo short not to raise up. So we should let go if possible.

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