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Ladera Ranch Market

We learn by doing. That is the most effective way to retain and polish new skills. In my classes, practical implementation is the core principle. That is why, with my students, we attend business fairs, speech competitions, and community events.

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Why are we so afraid of giving up and stopping trying? And why is quitting a bad thing as portrayed in schools, work, books, movies,

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I recently came across an interesting article that pointed out the difference between being shy and introverted. They are not the same. In fact, they are quite different concepts. 

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Did you know that everyone learns things differently? Some learn by doing, some by seeing, some not at all no matter what. Just kidding, we all learn, just at a different pace.

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Parenting is not easy. And there is not a single manual that tells you how to raise healthy, happy children to become responsible adults… there are thousands of them! We constantly search the web to bring you the best advice from both professionals and battle-tested parents who have earned their bragging rights as proud parents.

Read, Enjoy and Share your insights and experience with our Project Be You community. Because sometimes “It takes a village.”