Speak Up & Stand Out

10 weeks Public Speaking and Leadership Course for students to gain practical communication skills without the stress of the competition

10 weeks course for teens to learn communication skills and to prepare for their college interviews.

During the course we will be:

  • preparing and presenting a variety of speeches
  • helping others by providing constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement
  • impromptu speaking exercises planned and directed by student leaders
  • breaking into panel discussions and reporting
  • practicing answering most common interview questions for college, ASB, clubs without anxiety, and in the moment
  • and more…

"Speakup & Standout"

Month Day, Year - Month Day, Year

Prepared Lessons · Online Meetings* · Peer Review & Personal Coaching

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10 Week Course

 * Online meetings via Zoom each [weekday] from [hh:mm PM] to [hh:mm PM].

My name is Anna Scoby, and I am the creator of Project Be You.

I specialize in taking intimidating factors out of public speaking. Years of personal first-hand experience, education, and degrees all contribute to creating my courses and teaching techniques.

My classes are created for kids and with kids in mind. They are practical, hands-on, and interactive for maxim engagement and ultimate results.

Students will learn to

  • Overcome nervousness when speaking in front of the peers/audience

  • Organize their thoughts effectively and express themselves convincingly

  • Build confidence and leadership

  • Listen carefully to others ideas

10 weeks

  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • Impromptu speaking practices (selected and lead by students)
  • Prepared speeches delivery
  • Peer to Peer and Coach Evaluations
  • Student discussions in smaller groups

10 Week Public Speaking Course

Speak Up & Stand Out

[month] [day], [year] – [month] [day], [year]

Prepared Lessons • Online Meetings • Peer Review & Personal Coaching