Parenting is not easy and there is no manual to tell us what to do (… there are thousands of them). We constantly monitor the world-wide-web to bring you insight and advice from both professionals and battle-tested parents who have earned their bragging rights as proud parents.

Anna Scoby
Founder & CEO of Project Be You

Welcome to our Community Forum. We search the web for thought-provoking, informative articles and invite our parents to share their insight, questions and comments on the chosen topic.

Here’s How It Works

  1. We select an article or blog post from the web and post a link to the author’s original content on our site.
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The Rules Are Simple

We expect you to stay on topic, be respectful and not to post self-serving “spammy” links and sales pitches.  Any comments that, at our sole discretion, violate our intent to provide safe, informative and entertaining conversation will be removed.

 *  We do not consider this a violation of your constitutional right to free speech. This is merely exercising our right not to listen.