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Parenting can be a challenge. It’s even harder for our children because they lack the knowledge and experience to cope with a constant barrage of new challenges.

Anna Scoby
Anna Scoby
Founder & CEO of Project Be You

I’m a mother of two with a degree in Business Management and more than 10 years experience as a corporate trainer.

As my children grew I witnessed their need for better communication skills and what I term “Basic Life Skills” to help them express their thoughts and feelings, regulate their emotions, build relationships and, most importantly, build self-esteem and the self-confidence  to  face new challenges.

As a member of Toastmasters International I organized a Youth Leadership Program for my son’s high school to teach communication and leadership skills to young adults about to face college acceptance interviews or seek employment for the first time. As word spread demand for more classes grew.

My daughter, 5 years old at the time, faced a different set of challenges as she was starting school. 

Project Be You, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching essential “life skills” to children of all ages was born.  Over the years classes have developed a unique style based on the age, the needs and the abilities of my students. 

I love what I do! … because my students get the results they need.

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Focused education based on student’s age, needs and abilites.
  • achieve academic success in school
  • promote understanding and cooperation at home
  • develop social skills to make new friends and build lasting relationships
  • earn recognition and respect
  • build self-esteem and self-confidence to explore new possibilities

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We learn by doing. That is the most effective way to retain and polish new skills. In my classes, practical implementation is the core principle.

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